Shadow with ShadowMeTM

What is Shadowing?
Shadowing is an hour to a full day experience of a “day in the life” of a particular career.

Advantages of ShadowMe?  Students will be able to:

Shadowing Education Icon

Assess whether the career they had in mind is right for them.

Icon Job Shadowing Research

Venture off to college with a more focused career goal in mind.

Job Shadowing Advisors

Make informed decisions when choosing colleges & majors based on the career they want to pursue.

Job Shadowing Preparation

Students will learn how to shadow effectively, and how to ask the right questions to get the absolute most out of your time.

Shadowing Networking

Start building relationships with potential employers, which will benefit them when they start to join the workforce.

Shadowing Life Skills

Build confidence in themselves and learn life skills that will help them forever.

How ShadowMe Works

Signing up for ShadowMe grants students access to their own Career Advisor, whose job is to interview,
analyze, and match students with career professionals for shadowing experiences.

Pricing: Free

(Live in only New York City – For Now)


What is Shadowing?

Shadowing is a non-recurring observation of a career; it shows a student what the “day in the life” of a particular career might look like. Shadowing should be no more than 1 day and no less than 1 hour. Shadowing is designed to ignite a spark of interest towards a particular career.

Who is the program best suited for?

Our program is best suited for high school & college students (13 – 21 years old). However if you are beyond college age and are looking for a different career, we can certainly help you!

What is the success rate of the program?

We have been able to successfully help everyone who has used us to shadow. Whether it’s an undirected high school student or a college student trying to find the right major, we have helped them all.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We want to see you succeed and if we do not have the career that you are looking for, we 
will give you a full refund. This only applies to users who have specifically requested to shadow a certain career.

What is the best way to contact ShadowMe?

If it is a general question, please contact us at If your question is directed towards your own Career Advisor, then they will give you their email address once you have signed up!

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes we offer special licenses for educational institutions: high schools and colleges. For more information please contact us at

Not a Student?

ShadowMe For Businesses

Career Professionals
Job shadowers tend to be the most driven, creative, highest producing workers, continuing their relationships well past their shadowing.

For Career Professionals

ShadowMe For Schools

School Admin & Career Counselors
Job shadowing is the most effective way to help students achieve career success. Don’t waste time & resources. ShadowMe is here to help!

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