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Problems Schools Encounter

While helping students find their career

  • Not all schools have the time and resources to pinpoint students’ career interests
  • Schools focus on getting students into college
  • Some schools prepare students for jobs that do not exist
  • Students feel lost and overwhelmed when given career information to read 
  • Schools do not recognize the many careers that do not require a college education
  • Accessibility to new careers is limited 
  • Some schools cannot have trained professionals come in to speak with their students 
  • School counselors struggle to elaborate on various careers that they know too little about 

ShadowMe Can Help Schools:


  • Find the time and resources to help their students explore careers 
  • Lead students into one-on-one shadowing in a career they are interested in 
  • Build student confidence before heading off to college
  • Make a plan for their students’ futures
  • Educate students on careers and career related information

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